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Began with intermittent EPB disengage problem. I've had an intermittent Parking Brake light for years but no prior brake problem. Replaced the switch over a month ago with aftermarket version.
1. Left EPB is on all the time after a couple months.
* Checked the brake motor resistance and it was bad. Replaced with aftermarket motor. Still not working. Found out there is less than one volt on the left EPB connector (grounded to the brake caliper housing).
Connector has already been cleaned up but female connections are still a bit coarse looking. Checked voltage a second time by stabbing the wire before the connector.
2. I had a flooding problem because of the sunroof drain plugging up like many people have had. It did flood about an inch in the passenger side, but did not flood above the console base.
My dash display was whacko for about a day until I got it dry. This was all about February last year. See the PICS of the dash for the weird lights. The transmission gear indicators are all backlit, except for 1rst gear.
I have checked the connectors again that were under water and they all look fine. No signs of corrosion or dirt.
3. I read the VW Course for the EPB system and it says in there that the EPB Control Module has the ability to shut off one brake if an overload is sensed. Anybody know if that can be reset or if it means that the
module has to be replaced? I don't have access to a Vag-COM and I don't want to send it to the dealer for a minimum of $200.00 plus towing.

NOTE: I haven't had much trouble with this guy. I am just shy of 50k miles on it!

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The BLUEDRIVER ODBII scan is listed below. Anyone have any ideas about what is going on here? Do I have a few things going bad at once, or???

BlueDriver Scan:
Jun 07 2018 04:23:42-PM
VIN retrieved from vehicle
VIN: WVWAK73C16E071989
5 Airbag Trouble Codes:
• P09CF: Check report for description. (2511)
• P0AC4: Hybrid/EV Powertrain Control Module Requested MIL Illumination (2756)
• P04C2: Fuel Fill Door Unlock Control Circuit High (1218)
• P0250: Turbo/Super Charger Wastegate Solenoid "B" High (592)
• P04C1: Fuel Fill Door Unlock Control Circuit Low (1217)
3 Central Module Comfort System Trouble Codes:
• P0535: First Knock Sensor (1333)
• P0536: Second Knock Sensor (1334)
• P0528: Barometric Pressure Sensor - F96 (1320)
2 Door Electronics Driver Side Trouble Codes:
• P03A4: Cylinder 2 Pressure Too Low (932)
• P0390: Camshaft Position Sensor "B" Circuit (Bank 2) (912)
3 Door Electronics Passenger Side Trouble Codes:
• P03A5: Cylinder 2 Pressure Too High (933)
• P0611: Ignition Output 3 (1553)
• P03A1: Cylinder 2 Pressure Sensor Circuit Low (929)
This information is provided without warranty and is subject to the Terms of Use posted at Lemur Vehicle Monitors - BlueDriver EULA. Reproduction of this information or any portion thereof constitutes infringement of copyright.
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1 Engine Control Module Trouble Codes:
• P0299: Boost Pressure Regulation: Control Range Not Reached (665)
3 Gateway Trouble Codes:
• P0535: First Knock Sensor (1333)
• P0536: Second Knock Sensor (1334)
• P0528: Barometric Pressure Sensor - F96 (1320)
4 Parking Brake Trouble Codes:
• P0513: Immobilizer Incorrect Key (1299)
• P098B: Check report for description. (2443)
• P0983: Shift Solenoid "D" Control Circuit High (2435)
• P0982: Shift Solenoid "D" Control Circuit Low (2434)
1 Tire Pressure Monitoring Trouble Codes:
• P029B: Cylinder 1 - Fuel Trim at Min Limit (667)
1 Transmission Control Module Trouble Codes:
• P0415: Sec.Air Inj.Sys.Switching Valve B Circ. Malfunction (1045)
1 Transmission Control Module Trouble Codes:
• P1045: Tiptronic Switch (F189): Implausible Signal (1045)
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