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I have a 2005 Passat V6 GLX. So, I'm driving home from work tonight and not even 1/4 mile down the road going up a hill, the red oil light flashes and in large letters it tells me to stop. I was close to home, so I got home and checked the oil. Dipstick initially looked good, but when I cleaned it off and rechecked it it's dry. Added the one quart I happened to have at home and still nothing. It's been a little over 3,000 since my last oil change. I had noticed some funny smells in the last week or two but thought maybe it was related to my other car leaking power steering fluid on the floor. Can I just add more oil to it to get it to an oil change or is that a bad idea? It's never burnt oil like this before, I've had it about two years, but this is the first year it's spent a LOT of time out in super cold temps.

Can't afford to ruin it, but don't want to waste time/money at the dealer if I don't have to. Thoughts are appreciated.
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