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engine misfire

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car in question is a '99 1.8T AEB engine. I got a CEL last week and I was able find someone nice enough to hook up their vagcom to it and it stated that cyl. 2 was misfiring. so I changed all the spark plugs since it was time anyway and still it was CEL and felt like it was sputtering.

so I decided to change the cyl. 2 coil pack as well and still nothing. so i decided to just swap the coil packs one by one to see if anything changed. nothing...

any ideas? i'm going to get it checked out again via vagcom but i'm curious as to what else can be causing the misfire.
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wha'ts the ICM and what am I looking at when I look at block 32? I"m assuming using the vag-com?
CEL is flashing... is there a way to confirm that its the ICM via the vagcom? I would hate to spend 125 and still have the problem.
that did it... the sputtering went away but the CEL is still on and steady. i'm assuming I can clear it with the vag?

how do I do that?
thanks! by buying the Hughs ICM instead of the Bosch I saved 125 bucks not including the labor that VW would have charged me.
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