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Engine Fault / Brake Pressure Sensor Problem (Implausible Signal??)

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I will post this later in the b6 section (or if an admin is reading maybe you could move this thread to the b6 section for me) but for now I'm only allowed to post in here!

Right, first of all I have a 55plate (late 2005) Passat b6 1.9tdi.

Right now I have a parking brake fault (parking brake light on) and abs/esp light is on, also it's flashing the glow plug coil light and says Engine Fault See Garage. All these errors came at the same time.

Breaks & Parking Brake all work perfectly fine (apart from abs and ESP not being active) - the breaks are pretty much just as sharp and the Electric parking break still functions as it should.

I took it to be plugged into a fault code machine, and the only code is a 00801 - Brake Pressure Sensor Not A Implausible Signal.

I have done some research online about this error and some people are saying that on specific models the sensor is actually built into the ABS pump unit and cannot be changed and I would need to change the entire unit (££$££). So I found and contacted a company who specialize specifically in this and they recondition your unit and refit the sensor externally to your unit so it can be changed individually in the future. However they told me that infact in B6 Passats have their sensor fitted externally near the Brake Master Cylinder - can any one confirm this?

If this is the case, then I simply need to order a new sensor and fit it. However I tried ordering a new one from my local car parts shop which I picked up this morning, but I'm pretty sure what they gave me was a sensor for the AC line.

Does anyone know the Brake Pressure Sensor part code? As I have a friend who works at the shop and he thought they'd sent the wrong sensor, but needs a part code to order anything that specific.

Another thing that I have read on here, is that maybe a sensor near the rear brakes needs re-aligning?

One thing I can say is that my rear brake pads are extremely low and grinding (should have changed them a while ago - negligence on my behalf) Could this have triggered the parking brake/abs/esp and error code? Would it be worth me getting my rear discs and pads changed first before acting on the brake pressure sensor?

Obviously I don't want to change the pads and discs and then still have to replace the whole ABS unit - as if this was the case I'd have to consider weighing my options up as it would cost LOTS.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Morgan.
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HI Morgan - Welcome - Post over to B6 and you'll get more responses I am sure. Take a look at this thread -

I would say fix your brakes mechanically first - try the fix in that thread and then see - apparently this has been a problem for many.

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