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Eibach Pro-Kit----$175 (MSRP-$369) (FREE SHIPPING) <-------SOLD!
ECS Tuning Spacers---$35 (MSRP-$44.95) (FREE SHIPPING)
Contact me at [email protected] if interrested
I am selling selling the Pro-Kit because I changed my setup to H&R springs. I occasionally do Auto-X and I wanted a more a aggressive setup. The Eibachs are a great modification for a daily driver/weekend cruiser. They have a 1.2" drop front and rear. I had these springs on for about 28,000 miles and are in good condition. Part number is #8568.140
As for the ECS Spacers, they did not fit my cars setup. So they are not even used. They are again 8mm spacers, will fit 5x100 and 5x112 wheel bolt patterns (as indicated on white sticker). 2013-05-18_13-58-33_812.jpg 2013-05-18_13-59-54_346.jpg 2013-05-18_14-00-55_505.jpg 2013-05-18_14-25-08_863.jpg 2013-05-18_14-25-36_883.jpg 2013-05-18_14-28-23_620.jpg
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