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Well, I finally installed my first mod. I have a 2001.5 1.8T 5-speed with black leather, luxury package, and monsoon.

Ordered the Alientech via paypal on Monday and received it Wednesday. Installed it today, Thursday. Took me over 2 hours because I kept running in to check Stargazer's and Atomicalex's web sites/install notes. Plus I broke off one of the door snaps and managed to snap off one of the tabs on the arms rest controller! So I had to go in the house and glue those parts together in between installation steps for the Alientech... :mad:

Anyways, installation went well and the controller is functioning properly.

I got 8 of the Scotchlok 558 Connectors with my controller. They're pretty cool. They work by positioning two wires together and then inserting/clamping a metal piece down on the two wires through the wires' insulation material. This essentially connects the two wires together with a (conducting) metal piece. Very cool.

Some links to pics during install.

Message with me with any questions. :lol:

What came with the kit:

Driverside door with panel removed:

Door Panel:

Connectors for pull wire, power mirror, and Alarm LED:

Bottom connectors for valet, trunk release, fuel door, puddle light, and windows:

Wires with cloth taped removed ready to attach to controller:

Four views of the Scotchlok 558 Connectors:

Connections made, just need to tape it up and replace door panel:
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