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VW loyalty poll - Hot or Cold?

  • How many of you consider yourself a VW fan, which is the reason why you are driving a :b5: now, an

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  • How many of you are just a :b5: fan, since you got the car ?

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  • How many of you became a VW fan because of the :b5: ?

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  • How many of you will not be going back to VW because of the :b5: ?

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  • How many of you would consider VW again but NOT the :b5:

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EDIT - This is a B5 poll, please read...(now you can vote)

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... I want to see all the different opinions on this one, so take a minute to read and leave your comments, You can just enter the number in front of the question (1,2,3 etc..) for your answer and i will add it up and post it in a week from now. You are more then welcome to leave comments as well, thanks;

Thanks for the replies :wink:
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I'll start :lol:

Number 1 for me :thumbup:
I'm going to go with #3...I abosolutely love my :b5:

always liked VW's... i'm on my 5th one now, i started with 3 VW's went to a Honda, then to 2 different Mitsubishis, and now back on to 2 more VW's...

I really like the direction VW is heading with their upmarket offerings...
#1... Started back in early 90's when I fell in love with a MKII Scirocco.
A #1 please, and huh, can I get it supersized?! Also extra cheese on it, thanx! :lol: 8)
#1 Passat Syncro G60, Corrado G60, Aborted Mk1 project, B5 . . .
#2 for me.
#1 - 1st car was a '60 beetle
#3, i've always LIKED VWs, but now i love them because of my :b5:
1 - 20 of 102 Posts
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