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:: ECS Tuning :: Window Roll Up/Down Flash Load Module for VW B5 Pas - Click Here !!!

Click HERE to order or for more information.

Window Roll Up/Down Flash Load Module for VW B5 Passat - $59.95 Shipped!

Audi owners have always had the luxury of being able to control window up and down functions via the keyfob remote, but now Volkswagen B5 Passat owners can also enjoy the same feature!

The KVW100 is a single use flash load device that will program your Passat convenience control module with the necessary coding to control your windows via key fob remote. Installation is extremely easy and can be completed in minutes.

Please note, this is not a feature that can be enabled via VAG-COM; this unit flashes the convenience control module with new coding.

To view our video click - Here

Install PDF can be found - Here
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