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Click HERE to log into your or ECS account to start wishing your heart out.

This isn't a Christmas story.
.......But it could be

This isn't a birthday surprise
.......But it could lead to one

This isn't just another excuse to show off a cool feature on our site
.......Wait... wait... Yes it is

The Wish List is a normal feature of the ECS Tuning web site that can be used at any time, but is particularly handy for seasonal shopping. It lets shoppers organize personalized lists for multiple recipients. Registered shoppers can easily create one or more Wish Lists (as many as they want), add products to each list by clicking the “heart” logo on any product page. Wish lists save to registered users' accounts for access anytime, anywhere. Wish list contents can be revised on the fly, finalized, and then transferred to a shopping cart at any time for checkout.

The Wish List has an added benefit: It can be used to help gift givers make wiser shopping decisions. Just fill out a Wish List of your own, and forward it to family and friends to eliminate shopping guesswork on their part. That way, you get the gifts you want, the first time.

ECS Tuning customers can access the Wish List and purchase Virtual Gift Cards from the convenience of their personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The new shopping features on the ECS Tuning web site are part of an ongoing effort to make shopping at ECS a fast, convenient, and enjoyable experience.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts