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Hello to all on PassatWorld forum.
I will get straight to the point. I have owned my 2000 Passat 1.8T 5spd sense 2003 and have throuly enjoy it over the years and the slow modding of it. So, lowered on ST coilovers, Rear sway bar, MBC, cat delete with down pipe install, K&N filter and 2.0 coils.
I decide to do the APR 93 chip. Well after a lot of issues with that I installed the modded ECM/ECU.
I had limp mode problems due to over boosting. After about 2 1/2 months ago she stalled out in the driveway and won’t restart. I replaced the “Crank Position Sensor” and it started up but died after one day of driving it. Next was throttle body replacement due to codes, don’t recall which ones but pointed at bad throttle body. Car did not start. Next replaced the ignition switch, and there it was!...started up drove around and all working good, no codes, so I went to park it and the car stalled out and would not start. Ok, for all that want to know, I had fuel and spark sometimes. After a lot more read and 2 months of my time this was the fix. The ECM/ECU relay #30 in the ECM/ECU box under the hood. Replaced it and she drives like she should, boosting from 13-15 psi , I will up it in a few days.
THX for all that post it helped out a lot, and that’s why I am doing the same.
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