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Well, I have been keeping my hands busy building up the DSM.

Its debadged. I went with an Apexi Worldsport exhaust. Nice deep throaty sound with very little droning. Road race engineering is still working on a downpipe and hiflow cat for me.

Wheels are 17" Enkei RS7s wrapped in Azenis ST115s. I want to lower it, but I'm already scrapping on speedbumps and such. Not cool... :(

Boost gauge + EGT gauge are both in. Boost is handled by a Greddy Profec B Spec II. I get at the most 1 psi of boost spike. Highly recommended. Right now, I'm pushing 15psi on the stock t-25 turbo. Its about all I can muster right now without an upgraded fuel pump. Its still good enough to roast the Azenis all through 1st gear and 2nd gear. Also installed is a B&M short shifter and Greddy counterweight shift knob as well as leather seats.

Inside the engine, Greddy BOV and Dejon tools upper IC pipe is installed. Injen intake should also be installed sometime this week. Thats a Megan Racing FSTB.

Greddy 18r FMIC is ready to be put. I have a 16g turbo (same turbo as in the Lancer Evolution) in my gf's closet, along with ported O2 housing, and ported manifold. These will all be put in together as soon as I figure out what kind of fuel management I am going to use. Right now, I am leaning towards running just a Super AFC and datalogger since I'm not really planning on pushing insane amounts of boost. 580cc injectors and Walbro 255 fuel pump are also forthcoming.

I'll keep you guys posted!
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