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Eberspächer heater smokes like hell, and it is a brand new unit!

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Hi all,

I am not sure if I am posting this in the right forum, but here goes:

in my Passat I have an Eberspächer D4W-SC unit, the old unit was broken completely, so I have just swapped for a new one I found on Ebay, I was told that the install were simply a matter of removing the hoses, lines and wires and put them on the same locations on the new unit.
I did this yesterday, but when I try to fire up the new unit I get alot of really thick white/grey smoke from the heaters exhaust. My question is, is this normal for a new unit that needs to be "burned in" ? or is it a sign of trouble with my install ?

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Never mind, it just needed to burn of manufactoring oil and excess fuel in the exhaust, after 25 minuttes of running the smoking stopped. :)
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