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I have always been happy with my DSG transmission, and love the sport mode. I was somewhat upset to find that the Passats with the DSG's did not come equipped with the Steering Wheel Shift Paddles and have always wanted to add them. For years I have search for an aftermarket kit but could never find one.

During my search last month I found a video of a guy adding the shift paddles to his car by using a reclaimed (Used) steering wheel from another car.

My car came with the standard leather wheel with the multi-function controls on the wheel spokes

Apparently the CC V-6 and some EOS models use this exact same steering wheel, but they are equipped with the shift paddles.

Using this video as a guide - I thought that I could do this swap myself.

I then scrubbed Ebay every day searching for a suitable steering wheel. After about a month I found one (in my price range) and purchased it.

Install was as easy as in the video with a couple small issues.

The Multifunction buttons on the doner wheel were scuffed up and didn't feel as tight as mine. Pulling off my old buttons showed that they were designed to accept the paddle shifter controls with the circled plugs below:

I swapped out the multifunction buttons and every thing is awesome. Having the downshift on demand is the best! (Just hit the minus button - even when in drive!)

I did a lot of research before pulling the trigger so here are a few tips when buying a steering wheel on line.
1) Get the exact same steering wheel as you have unless you want to buy a new airbag! Not all airbags fit all VW Steering wheels even if they look close
2) Look closely at the photos and make sure they have a photo of the back of the wheel.
This is the photo in my listing - you can't see the paddle shifters:

But when you look at the back, it is clear that this steering wheel has them:

3) if you find one with no multifunction buttons on it, but it still has paddles, your switches should work.
4) make sure multifunction controls are the same or they may use a different controller (if it has cruise control - avoid)
5) Some GTI and GLI wheels will work, but you will need an airbag with it which can triple the cost.

******DISCLAIMER: My install was on a 2010 Passat Komfort, your results may vary. Making these modifications is at your own risk. I make no claim that these modifications will keep you from having problems with your engine, nor am I aware whether or not these modifications will void your warranty. They also assume that you have a decent knowledge of automotive repair and a modicum of common sense, in other words - Think about each action before doing it. Please don't email me or stalk me because you screwed up your car or voided the warranty - Once again - Following these guidelines is at your own risk.******
PS - If you don't know what "modicum" means - do not work on your own car.

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Thanks for telling us about your experience - that was a very good DIY post. I just did the same exact thing to my 2010 Komfort wagon. The whole mod took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Then after waiting about 40 minutes for VCDS to update itself and then finish the firmware update on the OBD connector, it was a simple matter to program the car to recognize the paddles. Really enhances the driving experience!
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