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TRUST, COMMUNICATION AND QUALITY are three things that do NOT describe DubWerks.

When looking for a auto mechanic a few things are essential, trust, communication and quality. DubWerks and Rich have none of these qualities. I have been taking my VW there for a few years now and every time I have had issues. Not sure if they are using second hand, scrapped parts from all the scrap cars they have sitting around, but their repairs always need repairing.

I had DubWerks install a Coilover suspension system on my vw and it took almost 2 weeks. I dropped off the car as I was heading out of town for 6 days to have them do the install while I was gone and didn't need the car. Was VERY specific about when I was going to pick up the car and what was supposed to be done. Went to pick up the car and it wasn't done. They didn't even order parts till a couple days after they had the car and did not finish when the car was needed. My wife had to cancel flights and business meetings the next 3 days because I would be without a car to take my 2 children to school. When the car was actually finished, they installed the wrong suspension without even telling me! I had to find out and call them on it. Rich as usual had several poor excuses and did nothing to right the matter. I suggested several ways of rectifying this issue and he would ignore emails and phone calls. (There is a thing called "read receipt" rich, I know when you open and read a email.) All the repairs I had done to my car at DubWerks have had to be re-repaired at another trustworthy vw shop. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE.

Every single repair I've had done at DubWerks has been wrong, Ill-repaired, came back with something else broken, overpriced, not anywhere near done in a timely manner and HAS COST ME MORE BECAUSE IVE HAD TO TAKE THE CAR ELSEWHERE TO HAVE REPAIRED PROPERLY.

You cannot trust that the repair done will be done properly, with the right parts and for the right price with Rich. The trust is not there, the communication is absolutely horrible and the quality is severely sub-par. Go anywhere else except here. If I could leave no stars I would.
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