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5/19/04 (7:00 PDT): We made it to California! We're about to pass Bakersfield...only 2 hours till home! Jimmy will post whore all the pics once he gets a decent internet connection. There's some awesome ones going through Arizona.

5/19/04 (8:39 am): It was great meetin' all the RMCB5'ers. What a great buncha guys! So we're off again, but we abducted RAWERW to drag out to LA with us. :) This'll probably be our last update before we head out into the boonies of Utah, Nevada, and whatnot.

5/18/04 (4:15 pm): Its Mountain time! I'm posting from the 470 tollway, because I wasn't able to get GPRS service from T-Mobile until now (I can receive calls, but no data service :( ). Anyways. We're about 30 minutes away from meetin' up w/ Chas and some other kids. See y'all there!

5/17/04 (8:22 pm): NEW TIME ZONE! Currently cruising through Illinois, hopefully making it into Iowa before we pass out for the night. :p

5/17/04 (4:50 pm): Passing through Toledo, OH in the rain. :( But I see sun!

5/17/04 (8:30 am): This is Jimmy, posting while Julian's doing 120 mph down I-84. Ha, okay, more like 65 mph oover the Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. I'll keep y'all updated!


5/12/04 - Send in your donations. If you're sending a check, send it soon! I'l be leaving VERY EARLY on Monday.

5/12/04 - Looks like this will be our schedule for most of this trip. We'll be starting on Monday. If people think that they'd like to meet up on our drive, shoot me a PM and I'll give you my mobile number.

Time Mile Instruction For Toward
Summary: 2844.5 miles (2 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes)
Check your departure time; the next stop is in a different time zone.
8:00 AM 0.0 Depart 288 Georgetown Rd, Weston, CT 06883 on SR-57 [Georgetown Rd] (North-West) 0.5 mi
8:01 AM 0.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto Cannondale Rd 0.4 mi
8:02 AM 1.0 Road name changes to Cannon Rd 1.4 mi
8:05 AM 2.4 Turn RIGHT to stay on Cannon Rd 0.2 mi
8:05 AM 2.5 Keep STRAIGHT onto Local road(s) 32 yds
8:06 AM 2.5 Bear LEFT (South-West) onto US-7 [Danbury Rd] 2.8 mi
8:09 AM 5.3 Take Local road(s) (RIGHT) onto US-7 [Danbury Rd] 2.0 mi
8:11 AM 7.3 Keep STRAIGHT onto Main Ave 0.8 mi
8:12 AM 8.1 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-15 [Merritt Pky] 17.7 mi CT-15 / N.Y. City
8:26 AM 25.8 Entering New York
8:26 AM 25.8 Road name changes to Hutchinson River Pky S 2.8 mi
8:28 AM 28.6 At exit 26W, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto CR-62 [Westchester Ave] 0.4 mi I-287 W / White Plains
8:29 AM 29.0 Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-287 [Cross Westchester Expy] 7.3 mi I-287 / I-684 / White Plains / Tappan Zee Br. / Brewster
8:34 AM 36.3 Turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.3 mi I-287 / I-87 / Albany / Tappan Zee Br
8:34 AM 36.6 *Toll road* Merge onto I-87 [I-287] 18.5 mi
8:48 AM 55.1 At exit 15, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-287 [SR-17] 1.3 mi I-287 / RT-17
8:49 AM 55.8 Entering New Jersey
8:50 AM 56.3 Keep RIGHT to stay on I-287 25.0 mi I-287 / Morristown
9:08 AM 81.3 At exit 41B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-80 43.8 mi I-80 / Del Water Gap
9:41 AM 125.1 Entering Pennsylvania
9:41 AM 125.1 *Toll road* Stay on I-80 (North) 0.1 mi
9:41 AM 125.2 Stay on I-80 (North) 328.3 mi
Rehabilitation near East Side (WB) (October 1, 2003 - May 28, 2004)
1:37 PM 436.0 Entering Ohio
1:51 PM 453.5 At exit 15, turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.5 mi
1:51 PM 454.0 Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp 0.4 mi
1:52 PM 454.4 *Toll road* Merge onto I-80 [Ohio Tpke] 155.3 mi
3:51 PM 609.7 Stay on I-80 [I-90] (North-West) 142 yds
3:51 PM 609.8 *Toll road* Stay on I-80 [I-90] (North-West) 198.7 mi
4:38 PM 672.7 Entering Indiana
6:22 PM 808.5 At exit 21, turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.6 mi
6:23 PM 809.1 At exit I-94, keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp 0.1 mi
6:23 PM 809.2 At exit SR-51, take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-80 [I-94] 18.0 mi
6:35 PM 824.6 Entering Illinois
6:36 PM 827.1 *Toll road* Keep LEFT onto I-294 [I-80] 5.1 mi
6:40 PM 832.2 Turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.9 mi I-80 / Iowa
6:41 PM 833.1 Merge onto I-80 144.5 mi
Reconstruction near La Salle (WB) (July 14, 2003 - June 28, 2004)
8:30 PM 977.6 At exit 10, take Ramp onto I-80 77.9 mi
8:37 PM 987.9 Entering Iowa
9:28 PM 1055.6 At exit 239B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-380 [US-218] 0.3 mi
9:28 PM 1055.9 Road name changes to US-218 10 yds
9:28 PM 1055.9 At exit I-80, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-80 0.3 mi
9:29 PM 1056.3 At exit 239B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-218 0.5 mi
9:29 PM 1056.7 Road name changes to I-380 [US-218] 43 yds
Check local time; this stop is in a different time zone.
9:29 PM 1056.8 At I-80, turn off onto Ramp 0.2 mi
** Arrival earlier than specified 9:30 PM arrival time **
9:30 PM 1057.0 End of day
Check your departure time; the next stop is in a different time zone.
6:30 AM 1057.0 Stay on Ramp (West) 87 yds
6:30 AM 1057.1 Merge onto I-80 101.1 mi
7:46 AM 1158.2 At exit 137A, take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-235 14.3 mi
7:57 AM 1172.5 Road name changes to I-80 118.9 mi
9:27 AM 1291.4 Merge onto I-29 [I-80] 2.8 mi
9:29 AM 1294.2 At exit 1A, road name changes to I-80 353.4 mi
9:30 AM 1295.1 Entering Nebraska
Resurfacing near Omaha (May 3, 2002 - July 30, 2004)
1:58 PM 1647.6 At exit 102, take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-76 183.4 mi
2:00 PM 1650.1 Entering Colorado
Construction between Hudson and Roggen (SB) (August 18, 2003 - July 30, 2004)
4:15 PM 1830.9 At exit 3, turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.2 mi US-287 / Federal Blvd
4:16 PM 1831.2 Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp 109 yds US-287 / Federal Blvd / Regis University
4:16 PM 1831.2 Turn LEFT (South) onto US-287 [Federal Blvd] 1.3 mi
4:18 PM 1832.6 Turn LEFT (East) onto W 47th Ave, then immediately turn LEFT (North) onto Eliot St 0.2 mi
4:20 PM 1832.7 Turn RIGHT (East) onto W 48th Ave South Dr 0.2 mi
Check local time; this stop is in a different time zone.
4:20 PM 1832.9 Arrive I-70
End of day
6:30 AM 1832.9 Depart I-70 on W 48th Ave South Dr (West) 0.2 mi
Check your departure time; the next stop is in a different time zone.
6:31 AM 1833.1 Turn LEFT (South) onto Eliot St 0.1 mi
6:31 AM 1833.3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto W 47th Ave, then immediately turn RIGHT (North) onto US-287 [SR-88] 0.2 mi
6:32 AM 1833.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto Local road(s) 10 yds
6:32 AM 1833.5 Take Ramp onto I-70 505.0 mi I-70
Construction in Vail (NB) (October 20, 2003 - May 14, 2004)
9:58 AM 2106.9 Entering Utah
12:51 PM 2338.5 Take Ramp onto I-15 456.6 mi
2:32 PM 2471.4 Entering Arizona
2:54 PM 2500.6 Entering Nevada
4:28 PM 2624.5 Entering California
Road widening between Victorville and Barstow (SB) (June 3, 2002 - November 30, 2004)
6:37 PM 2795.1 At exit I-215, keep RIGHT to stay on I-15 8.0 mi
6:43 PM 2803.1 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-210 [SR-30] 17.3 mi CA-210
6:56 PM 2820.5 Road name changes to SR-30 2.8 mi
6:58 PM 2823.3 Merge onto I-210 [Foothill Fwy] 7.1 mi
7:04 PM 2830.4 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-605 [San Gabriel River Fwy] 5.5 mi I-605
7:09 PM 2835.9 Turn RIGHT onto Ramp 0.2 mi I-10 / San Bernardino / Los Angeles
7:10 PM 2836.1 Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-10 [San Bernardino Fwy] 7.1 mi I-10 / San Bernardino Fwy West / Los Angeles
7:17 PM 2843.2 Turn RIGHT onto Ramp 142 yds Garfield Ave / Alhambra
7:17 PM 2843.2 Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp 109 yds Garfield Ave / Monterey Park
7:17 PM 2843.3 Keep RIGHT to stay on Ramp 0.1 mi Garfield Ave / Monterey Park
7:17 PM 2843.4 Bear RIGHT (South) onto (S) Garfield Ave 0.9 mi
Check local time; this stop is in a different time zone.
7:19 PM 2844.3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto W Newmark Ave 0.2 mi
7:20 PM 2844.5 Arrive Monterey Park

Driving distance: 2844.5 miles
Trip duration: 2 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes
Driving time: 36 hours, 10 minutes
Cost: $291.05
5/6/04 - My apologies!! Yesterday's total should have been 2173.00 I double counted a few donations. :oops:

clemclan said:
My story is much lower key than Brian's, but here it is:

When it became clear that our identical twin daughters (now nearly 8 8) ) would be born prematurely, and that we should expect that they might be in intensive care for several weeks or more, we were told about a local Ronald McDonald house. The pregnancy/birth wound up being much ado about nothing - they were born and remain completely healthy - so we never did use their services. Nonetheless, the peace of mind we got simply knowing there was one fewer thing we might need to worry about was priceless. To this day, I put change/bills in their coffers whenever I get a Happy Meal. They gave us something wonderful just by being there.


DogWitaB5 said:
Julian - this is truely a honorable personal sacrifice for two great causes. I'm so happy to see you chose the Ronald McDonald House as your second charity. I'm heading out tomorrow with a team of seven people to do some volunteer yard work at a local Ronald McDonald House and also present them with a check for over a thousand dollars. We have been doing this annually for over 7 years now.

The last three years have been extra special to me because 3 years ago my 18 month old niece was diagnosed with a rare form of lukemia. Most of my family spent almost a year in NYC while she was being treated at Sloan-Kettering hospital. The Ronald McDonald house provided a home away from home the entire time. They housed us, fed us, provided massages for my sister and gave toys (including a bicycle) to my 3 year old nephew who couldn't understand what was happening.

Thanks to the doctors at Sloan who were willing to try new and unproven procedures and the warmth and kindness of the Ronald McDonald House, this is her (with my son) today. She now has her brothers blood type and immune system.

I am truely indebted to the Ronald McDonald House. I will also be donating my personal funds to your charity.

For those of you who are in this club and have not donated yet; one less sunglass holder, light bulb mod, etc. to donate to this worthy cause will go a lot farther than the "nice car" praise you'll receive down the road.

Much thanks Julian and Good Luck! :thumbup:



From ND:

Hi there,

We are pleased to see DubsUnited make the trip across this great country of ours to
participate in our 12th annual charity auto show. I love the fact people are pulling
together to raise resources for charity, and doing it in a way that creates a
memorable experience for all involved. Keep up the good work.

I would recommend that all those participating in our show pre-register as soon as
possible. Please spread the word to all the involved clubs and forum members
involved with DubsUnited's trip to New Dimensions.

Online pre-registration is here:

Please post this e-mail in the related forums to let people know we appreciate your
enthusiasm and devotion to such a great cause. Thank you, from the Staff of New
Jason Leone
General Manager
New Dimensions

Thank you for contacting Second Harvest Food Bank and wanting to support our efforts to help those in need of food in our community. I visited the links below and it sounds like you have a lot of support from your members and a very unique and inspiring idea. I’d be happy to help in whatever way I can and am providing you with Second Harvest’s logo and some information about who we are and what we do. You may also visit our website at for more information. If there is anything else you need or any questions your have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We sincerely appreciate all of your efforts to raise funds for our organization and wish you a safe trip across country!

Carlene Schmidt
Community Events Manager
Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
750 Curtner Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125-2118
[email protected]
Direct: 408-694-0041 Main: 408-266-8866 x257
Fax: 408-266-9042
For every $1 donated the Food Bank provides two nutritious, well-balanced meals to the community. Visit today to learn more!

Let's keep the donations coming! We've had a hugely succesful first week. Can we keep the momentum going for a second week????


The donations page is up and the organization/drive is called DubsUnited

Visit DubsUnited where you can paypal your donation, get direct links to the Charities, and see how close we are to our goal. There are a couple of additional things that need to be added to the site, but all the features should be up in a few days.

Anyhow, spread the word and let's get to 6k!

Now it's time to plan the logistics of this trip.

- Julian

So, I thought of this tonight while reading Thanasi's post for who's going to the ND Charity Show...

I'd like to go, but

1. It's DAMN FAR
2. I need more motivation to make this 6k round trip.
3. I want it to be more than just a mad dash to the show. I'll be honest, i haven't done something meaningful in a while and being able to raise money and awareness for a good cause would be very fun. I have had A LOT of fun with my car, and I've invested a lot into it, but I feel like it's time to give back.

Thus...I thought, what about a charity drive? Does anyone think

a. that this is do-able? I'd like to raise $6,000.00, a buck for each mile of the drive there and back. 3k would go to the ND charity and the other 3k, I'd like to give to another charity, chosen by CB5. Both donations would be made on behalf of CB5 and its members. (I figure with 12k+ members, and maybe 1/4 of them active, 2 dollars/member would more than be enough, maybe)

b. that my car could make it there and back? If I were to try and make this drive, would my car survive? What would I need to do to prep the car? Remember, I got this little thing called a supercharger that you need to take into account. Does anyone have a car bra I could borrow and also a few miles of painter's tape? And tires...that's another consideration, I KNOW my summers won't be making the trip and i'm not sure my winters could make the trip either... :nervous:
c. What other considerations? :???: (I have enough vacations built up for work, so no worries there)

Tell me if I'm crazy, tell me if it's do-able or if it's impossible, or that I would or wouldn't be able to raise that amount. All opinions are welcome. I'm giving this about 3-5 days of thought and if it's do-able, I'm gonna try and go for it. If you think I'm completely nuts and should just shutup, please tell me. :)

Thanks for listening to my madness. It's late, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head. :weirdo: :weirdo: :weirdo: :suspicio: :suspicio:

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Might be late for me also being I am considering doing the drive in my ride with you. :suspicio: :crazy:

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I think its an awesome thing to do and you have my pledge. i wish i had more vacation time, i'd love to do something like this. you guys are great for stepping up to the plate. go for it. :thumbup:

Lisa Simpson
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That's awesome, Julian! If you remember, the BigHuge raised over $1000 for the Shriners, and we voted for the choice of charity for that event.

I will definitely sponsor a bit of your trip!

Let me know if you want a poll set up for a charity-choosing thread.

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Thanks guys, this just may very well work. I'm going to try and go to the bank at lunch today and setup a new bank account specifically for this run.

AA - if you could setup a poll and people could suggest/vote on charities, that would be great. My only thought is that the charity be geared towards children :thumbup:

Thanks for all the support guys. I'm going to try and give this a go. I currently have 36k on the car. What I would do is do my 40k service a week before I leave. Seeing as how I changed the injectors and spark plugs, etc. when I installed the SC at 34.5k. I would think that I'm good to go on that end. Just have a pre 40k service and a post 40k service done for the car, make sure that it's ready to go.

Someone has offered to donate their steelies and what's left on the tires and gurft has offered to lend me his hood bra. :bow:

wheels and tire wise, i'm thinking I might be able to borrow my friend's 16" borbet's and throw some 16s on there. Otherwise I have 17" wheels that I could get tires for as well. maybe clay might be able to help me out :p :)

The VERY preliminary schedule would be: leave Ma on 5/14 or 5/15 - drive out get to CA 5/19-5/20, spend a day or two with family, show's on 22/23, spend a day or two recovering, g/f will fly out on the 24th, and then drive back to MA with me.

But most importantly, we gotta raise enough money for this. 6k is the goal...can we get there. :wink:

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Julian: No worries on getting the video hooked up. Sucks that I *just* sold my old DVD Player on Ebay (was for sale here for like 3 weeks, finally gave up) Or I would have loaned it to you for the trip. I don't recommend you watching full motion video while on the drive by yourself, especially a long one. As you get tired you're more likely to look at the TV instead of the road. When I do my long hauls, I listen to the Sonic Theater Channel on XM, even if it's kinda cheesy stories, at least it's other people talking.

I gotta clear things with the fiancee, but I think I can make the dates work for driving out too, I still have 4 weeks vacation to burn this year. I have an Uncle that lives in the area that I haven't talked it in a while... have to give him a call.

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Wow! So the extra bra I bought and sold to Gurft is now going to adorn the hood of Juilan's ride? Wow! 2 nice B5s in less than 4 months, now that's 1 lucky bra! :lol:

p.s. I'm good for my part of the donation as well! :)

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hey julian you know me i'd be down to help and to buy you a drink once you get out here.. plus it would be great to see your car in person and to meet.. i might have a gift for you here that you could take back with you if you have roomm... :p also i have a full front bra if anyone of you need or want to use it. Its for a b5.5

[email protected] W.
Wetworks Project Vehicle Version 3 Coming soon :Shock:

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What is the planned route? If it is to go through Denver I am in for the middle of the drive. Denver to CA and back is a great drive on I-70 and I-15. Having done it three time last summer I know the roads are all good, especially in Nevada.

So count me in! I will also cross post this RMCB5.COM and see if we can get more people to join you half way.

My birthday is the 22nd of May and I would live to spend it drivng cross country with a bunch of :b5:

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Julian and I were talking about this on IM earlier today, planning for this is TIGHT. Anyone have a suggested route from the North East? I've talked to a few people that have done it, and everyone seems to have their own "special" way to make the trek.

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Kurt, Julian... best thing I can suggest is to have both of you sit down together, with a large map of the US, all on one page if possible. Look at the easiest, straightest routes. Things you want to try and avoid most are large, highly populated areas. Since you all are driving there, its probably best to find a nice scenic route as well. Romp in the mountians if I may. You want the long trek to be enjoyable, scenic, and still make the best time.


Lisa Simpson
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Julian, please get yourself a paypal account that is just for the charity run.

Everyone else, please use this thread to nominate a charity, once we get a few, I will post a poll.

I nominate the Shriners - Care for Burned and Crippled Children
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