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I justed wanted to take a moment to thank EVERYONE for their help, contributions, and support.

Over the last two weeks, I've met A LOT of CB5 members and it's been an awesome experience. I just want to try and list some of the members that I've met and some people who have helped out.

The weekend before the trip: B5bel, flippped, 4meezy, and passat100

Dan (passat100) - for all the help with the webdesign and covering my ass at work :)

Gurft - for all the support and the motivation. Hopefully you can come out next year :)

1.8tabamoura - for the awesome GPS (It really came in handy)

Stealthx32 - for being an awesome co-pilot, photographer, navigator, roommate, tire cleaner :p , and friend

vwpassatboy - for all the local support and all the help, as usual

d zigner - for the great pedals and metal work :) and the phone calls to remind me to wake up during the drive

the RMCB5 crew - Chas, wife and family for the food, c-bar and good times; and who else did I meet....Boris, StarlightB5, ColoradoB5, Madigan (Thanks for the brats :) ) you guys are a tight group :)

Of course Randy (rawerw) for helping to collect donations, the place to crash, making the last leg of the drive much more fun, and letting us be a part of his birthday :wink:

Out in LA (and I apologize beforehand for whoever I might forget, there were so many people):

Rusty - for making the drive out from NM and joining us for the drive up North

Mario (blakwag) and Bernie (dub-nation) for putting together an AWESOME gtg

Who else did I meet that night: Schmove (thanks for that wakeup call that day...), NA6CE (the t-mobile sidekick was the shizz and maybe next time the Islands waitress will actually give us refills!), b5-turbonium, turbochargedb5, redb5sdca (that was a long drive from SD man :)), selurffoeg, blakwag, dubnation, swett, powerslide32, MrJackalope, vwjedi, wcwcpassat, d.passat00, the_house, The GREEK and anyone else I might have missed. :oops: It was also cool meeting A LOT of the vortexers that rolled out that night too (thanks again Bernie!)

On friday, gotta thank Alfred, James (jdubu81) and Vin diesel for chillin' out at EF1. Also had a chance to meet alnk52 and big thanks to Fab for holding onto my hood for a week while I was away. Alfred and James, thanks for everything :)

Sat. - Jdubu81, Rusty, and Randy for the absolutely AWESOME drive up North. Driving with 3 other beautiful passats makes ANY drive a good one.

The slovw crew - Christina (baisee00), Brandon (O22ripper), and Justin (bluebora) for helping me wash the car at the Marriott. Jimmy...of course...AGAIN...Dinner at Dave and Busters was great (slowvw+Rusty+Randy, me and Jimmy)

Sunday - HOLY SHITE...I'm definitely going to miss some people here: Der Wagon, Slimebucket, Hvydrnkr23, 5150 Passat, Quality_sound, Bernie's wife DUBWGN, bmpassat, nuisance, hermanH, salty d, mindtrigger, jdub's car (John MIA), lipper, b5b4you, and I AM SURE I MISSED a few of you, so for those that I did, I apologize.

So final tally, I met about 46 (+/- 5 of you :p ) CB5 members across the US in about 14 days. I had an great time, I'm VERY PROUD of what we accomplished in such a short time frame.

Here is MY final list of contributors, if I missed ANYONE, please shoot me a PM.

I gotta take a moment here to thank the other clubs that have helped out:

B5one and of course Bryan, for donating all the proceeds of the Memorial Day Raffle to the DubUnited Drive

Justin and VWFixx for the awesome Banner

Elitedubs, CA-VA, T-Region, Euroblitz, RMCB5, rdubs, eclubbw, water-werks, foreigntuners, S3designs, VWvortex, and all the individuals who donated to the cause:

- vwpwr
- Gurft
- Scuba2001
- 00Psst
- Chas
- blaupassat
- CrzyC
- S_Klass
- Scox1235
- 1.8Tabamoura
- Rich P
- ajchenmph
- turbochargedB5
- pacent
- passat100
- alex310
- Nenad
- blakwag
- Perce
- selurffoeg
- schmove
- Baisee00
- meph
- b5njpeteo
- protoclown
- soundezgn
- NYC4ever
- Rusty
- Roadstan
- Kipernicus
- DogWitaB5
- the_house
- AgStrk
- passaturbonium
- Antelope
- atomicalex
- 99blackmagic
- Hunter Rose
- nananana4k
- clemclan
- Big_C
- xpress1.8t
- ralphb
- TheRockShow182
- PanaSSat24
- Phatrabbitzz
- rsage
- BoeserBlick
- StarlightB5
- quality_sound
- Spirare
- Wapptor

- B5one Group
- 00Psst
- SentraSR20
- D Zigner
- passat100
- B Dizzle Fizzle
- ralphb

- Scox1235
- VWGangsta
- Spirare

- Chas
- Andrew Pugliese
- George Weber
- StarlightB5
- Winston

- turbochargedB5

- BlackTie+
- fatmobile

- [email protected]

Reservoir Dubs
- Mr. Blonde

- 20vcharlie
- flieger

- Spirare

- flieger

S3 Designs
- ozglxvr6
- jwil

- Robin Hwang
- Jayson Hwang
- Chow Family
- James DelPriore
- Norma Lopez
- Ken Reinig
- Carol Tuttle
- Michelle Joslyn
- Richard Sarkis
- Merry Wade
- Benjamin Rah
- Rod Mcleod
- Andrew Huang
- Wit S.
- Trisha Yeh
- Crystal Son
- Eunsu Chang
- Michelle Lee
- Annie Shon
- Hong Ngo
- Joanne Rah
- Niki Fang
- Richard Chau

AND Finally...a special thanks to my girlfriend Robin and my mom, who helped take care of A LOT of the little things and a lot of the big things, to insure that everything went smoothly.

Thanks again to everyone. :)

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Your car looked great. It was nice meeting you. I am surprised you are only orgetting 4 or 5 people.

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