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hi there, could someone explain the correct procedure for doing the Ross Tech Basic Setting on the 6 SPD DSG(6-Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG/02E) - Ross-Tech Wiki what i want to know is what exactly are you supposed to do after you follow EACH of the 7 procedures in vagcom.

1.Transmission Tolerances (Engaged Calibration)s
Group 061
When you go to Basic Settings 061 and click GO the screen may look like this: Basic Settings 061
Wait until the numbers quit moving and the trans will quit making noises. Basic Settings switches to On when finished: Basic Settings 061
Wait until Basic Settings has switched to ON and all numbers have stopped moving. This may take one minute.

And then do what next? turn off the car before starting the next procedure, somehow save and move on to the next procedure?or something else.

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