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Drove through 3 feet of water, now my car won't start..

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Way home from work today, got caught in a rainstorm...It was raining so hard, I couldn't tell that the storm drains were backed up, and I drove through about 36 inches of water, and the engine stalled. It was still raining hard, and I was surrounded by water..I looked over at the passenger side, and there was about 5 inches of water on the floor, in front and back. Luckily, some people pushed me out of the water, and I called AAA. I bailed the water out of the car while I waited for the tow truck. When the tow truck lifted the front of the car, a bunch of water came out of the tail pipe...I had it towed to my house, and tried starting it after about an hour, and it turns over right away, but then it makes a disturbing "CLUNK" sound...So I spend the last couple of hours drying the carpet, and applying carpet cleaner. I called my insurance company, and the are sending out an adjuster to take a look...Meanwhille, I wonder if my engine is full of water, or if it might just need to dry off...

Any Ideas? :???:
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I have an idea, and it ryhmes with Hydro-lock. Wait, that WAS it. :poke:
OUCH - I can't find anything that ryhmes with HYDRO-LOCK damn it.
that sucks dude...

you can't compress water in the combustion chamber... :(
similar happened to me and the car ended up being totalled. the engine was shot. electrical was ruined since it is housed under the front seats...blah blah and so on.

good luck...
Comfort Control Module is likely shot along with possibly hydro-locking your engine. I would just pray the insurance guy totals your car. Even if they fix the motor, you will likely be chacing electrical gremlins for life.
hydrostatic lock! you need a new engine, a few new electrical items, and a better sense of driving!
SLAB said:
hydrostatic lock! you need a new engine, a few new electrical items, and a better sense of driving!
lol, that's awesome
Total loss, start parting out your aftermarket stuff before the insurance co. comes to get it.
this would make a sweet toureg commericial! lol
Yikes... Hydrolock it is...
Hey Slab-
I've just fucked my engine, and by the way, I was behind a Ford F-350 Dually, and could not see the water level until the last minute. Added to the fact that there was a Cadillac plunging in right behind me, and I was under a bridge at the time, I really had no choice but to keep driving into the water...The guy in the Caddy got stuck too. I'm glad you find amusement in other people's misfortune..Hope that works out for you
Id check the CCM comfort control module, if that goes bad the car wont start, its located under the drivers seat carpet in a black box.
Yikes. That situation sucks. Grab what you can and go car shopping. Fortunately hydrolocks are a pretty clean way to a total, so the insurance shouldn't give you too much of a fight.

If they don't want to total it, try to get the dealer to demand a complete new wiring harness and install to go with the new motor. That will certainly get you over the total amount.
Bummer dude! It's amazing how these situations can creep up on you. On the bright side, if you've got comprehensive insurance, you'll probably be getting yourself a new B5.5 in a week or two :thumbup:
Where was this high water so that other B5ers in the area can avoid it when lots of rain is about?

It will almost definately be totaled. :cry:

if you have any aftermarket stuff, I see the classifieds in your future.
i'm reminded of "risky business" when the tow truck guy says " so, who's the u-boat commander?" :lol:

Sorry for your misfortune, but when things suck that bad it sometimes helps to laugh just to keep from crying.I hope everything works out o.k.
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