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drove a Scion Xb

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Just wanted to share.

I was bored today, so I went over to the local toyota/Scion dealer to check out an Xb.

I will say I was quite impressed with what you get for $13,680

keeping price in mind, the interior was quite nice, I actually liked the center mounted gauge cluster. one thing I didn't realize, this thing is huge on the inside, I'm 6'1", and I felt almost dwarfted sitting in side. ok mabey not quite, but there was a ton of space. I had the front seat almost all the way back (to where I was comfortable), and then went and say in the back seat, my knees were no where near the seat back.

the seats them self were well bolstered, and quite supportive. All the gauges were logically placed, and easy to reach. the the Pioneer stereo, again was really nice, and plays MP3's as well as cd's.

dual front airbags, ABS, VSC, power windows, locks, AC, I had to keep reminding my self that this was a $13k car

I was a bit dismayed to see that it only had 108hp from the 1.5L I4, but the number is misleading. The car only weighs 2370 lbs. with the 5M tranny, the car was perfectly driveable. Drag racer no, but it had no problem getting up to high way speed, and even passing. It seems to have a nice wide torque band, as the engine never seemed caught off guard, no matter what the gear.

even cargo isn't bad, and if you need more room, just fold down the seats, which nets you 43 ft^3

over all excellent little car
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nice review.
they look cool but I havent been in one.
You mean the shoe box? :D

They are nice little cars... I want to try out a Tc soon. :thumbup:
I<3myW8 said:
You mean the shoe box? :D

They are nice little cars... I want to try out a Tc soon. :thumbup:

yes sir.

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