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Driving lights for a 2014 SE TSI

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I have looked and it seems like there is no good option for driving or fog lights for this thing. The headlights are barely adequate and I would like to put some more light up front. I live in the country, like driving at night, and don't want to be the guy that kills Bambi's mother.
I can get the OEMs for about $700 by buying all the individual parts. I am also a cheap Swamp Yankee and figure there has got to be a better solution.
Help! Any ideas?
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I have a 2015 TDI SEL and am also very under whelmed (yes putting it mildly) with the lighting. I have been doing some looking around various sites and there doesn't appear to be a good (based on reviews) replacement headlight. I have found some information on LED replacement bulbs. There are web sights out there that claim LEDs vs. HIDs are a better suited for non-projector lights, like the ones on my car. So, I am now looking at 2 LEDs H7's lights to replace the OEM bulbs, one is the GTR Gen 3 LED and the other is the Supernova V.3. Does anyone have any experience with LED replacement bulbs in the Passat.



We sell Fog Light replacements at ECS Tuning.
Here is a link to them:

If you just want to update the brightness of your headlight bulbs, these will light up the night:

Hi Chuck from ECS. I believe to install those I need a switch, harness, and the lights. To you sell that as a kit or do you have a price to do it?
Thanks, Oldhway
Has anyone tried these lights. Seems to easy. The bulb holders in my 2015 Passat create a problem for the simple LED headlight upgrade kits that are available. LASFIT has posted a short install video on YouTube. Not that cheap but in line with other LED kits.

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