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I have a 2005 Passat TDI ....Okay here is the problem, I get a great deal on this car at only 255,000 miles on it ...but the car car only would start out in 2nd gear well I check out underneath the car and I see or where I thought I saw a leak was from the oil pan so I replace gasket well okay I start it up and now it's more then a leak but not from the oil pan it's coming from somewhere else and it's hard to see because the fan blowing fluid all over but I realize it has to becoming from the main seal so I remove transmission replace main seal which the seal that was there I could never find it was like gone or just disintegrated never the less I replaced it .I put it all back togather put the right transmissions fluid in that was called for start the car it will engage into all the gears but it will not drive in any gear nor reverse ! Can you please please tell me what it could be did I not connect something right in on my connections or what I'm desperate and am hoping it's not more serious I'm stuck .I really appreciate any feed back on this ....Thank you for your time .

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This should be posted either in the B5 forum or the TDI forum.

A couple of possible issues:
1 The front seal on the trans will usually leak before the rear main seal.
2: The trans has to be filled while running and level.
3: The torque converter needs to be fully seated into the trans (3 distinct engagements).

If the TC is not set properly (about an inch back of the flywheel), it will not engage the front trans pump. It could damage the pump if run.
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