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Dreaded p0341 code turned to possible cam alignment?

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Bought the car (03 Passat 2.8 v6) never drove it. Had missing cats and a p0341 code and sporadic idle, figured it would be some quick fixes.. witch lead to checking everything and replacing a ton of parts with every new part maybe changing the idle a little bit possibly making it worse. Finally pulled the valve covers and seem to only be counting 14 pins between the marks.

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If that is bank 1, it's supposed to be like this (below?). If you want to get the roller count right the first time, it's best just to remove the cams and tensioner and get the count right on a bench or something. You really should get a look at your bottom rub block anyway, which requires removal of the cam chain tensioner. I was told that the cam chain tensioner could be removed without removing the cams by several people online, but for the life of me it didn't seem to be possible. You should use your fingers to make sure there aren't any bits or sludge monsters or bits of gasket and rub block etc. hiding under that oil laying down there and maybe Shop-Vac out all of the oil in the recesses beneath the cams and tensioner too.


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From the pictures, it looks ok to me. What parts did you replace so far to get to this point? Also, can you tell us which picture is for which bank?

Looks like Bank 1 is 1st and 2 is 2nd. Bank 1 looks okay to me from what I can see in the 1st picture. I don't see the notches on Bank 2, but the count looks right.
It looks good to me, but I wouldn't trust what I can see in those pics.
Check chain timing as per diagrams in post #2.

Check cam sensor and its wiring.
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