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Hello again,
The local licensed dealer here in Turkey uses the VAS-52, but they upgrade their software using DVDs, not Internet site downloads. In any case, they do not have the 24M203 update that I need to fix my car's intake flap motor problem (please see the "overseas" thread below for backstory). I called the Stateside dealer as well as Volkswagen USA. Both were helpful but said that there was little they could do--they recommended calling Volkswagen Turkey which we are trying but I am not super-optimistic about.
Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can obtain the necessary update (24M203) for a VAS-52? As I explained to VW-USA, I want to do this legally and I expect to pay a fair market price--I am not interested in getting a hold of an illegal download site or anything like that. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated--and if I am on the wrong forum for this software question, I apologize.
Thank you again for your help!
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