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Warning: This procedure requires the cutting and soldering of wires. I or anybody on this forum shall not be responsible for any damage you cause. Do this at your own risk!
After much research and the help of a friend who managed to accomplish the install I have finally put together all the information necessary to complete a Multi-Function Steer Wheel (MFSW for short) retrofit. This retrofit is not for the faint of heart but it is well worth it. With these instructions I would estimate about 4-6 hrs to complete it. If anybody has any questions feel free to contact me. I can also help you obtain any of the parts needed. I am also willing to make some wiring harnesses if anybody is interested.

Parts Required:
Multi-Function Steering Wheel with Airbag
5 Pin Clock Spring (All North American B5.5 clock springs will work)
Multi-Function Steering Wheel turn signal stalk (Only has the on/off for cruise)
Relay 451 or 452 with relay plate (Read below for which one you need)
Wiring to clockspring/cruise on turn signal stalk

Tools Required:
Soldering Iron
Stranded Wire (I used 22 gauge wire)
T25 Torx
8mm and 10mm Socket
Small Flathead to take of Airbag
12mm Triple Square Bit OR T55 Torx to take off the Wheel
Allen Wrenches (I believe it was 5mm)

So Which Relay do I need?
There are two possible relays that can be installed on these cars. The older version is Relay 452 which works by communicating with the stereo via a communication wire. The newer version is Relay 451 which uses CAN. Now here comes the confusing part: Relay 451 can be programmed to be used as Relay 452 via Vag-Com by changing the soft coding from 0118 (CAN Communication) to 00008 (Non-CAN). Now the way to determine which relay you need is if you have a SINGLE DIN radio then you will need 452 because it does not have CAN. DOUBLE DIN radios will use 451 since they have CAN. If you have a 2001.5 B5.5 like I do then you have the ability to use Relay 451 as the car has CAN but it will be coded as a NON-CAN car because the car still uses a single din radio.
The wiring will differ between 451 and 452 but only in the pins that need to be connected. The pinout for both relays is the SAME. This was a big source of confusion until I understood this.

Now on to understanding the wiring diagrams: To be able to do this you must understand the terminology used. The Bentley wirings diagrams specify the connector/pin # (e.g. T18c/12). Here is a list of the specified connectors.
T18c – Double Relay Plate for either 451 or 452
T10s - Cruise Connector on Turn Signal Stalk

T5b – Clock Spring Connector

The Actual Instructions:
1. Disconnect the Battery. Make sure to write down the mileage if you like to keep track of fuel economy like myself.

2. Remove Lower Knee Panel. Do this by removing the headlight switch, fuse panel, and then the 4 torx that hold it on.

3. Remove the Airbag/Steering Wheel. Refer to other instructions:

4. Remove steering column clam shell. Do this by removing the torx that hold on the column adjuster. There is one torx and two long phillips on the bottom of the clam shell along with two phillips on the front.

5. Remove Clockspring. It has one connector and three clips holding it in.

6. Disconnect stalks. Each one has two connectors. Then remove them by loosening the 5mm allen bolt.

7. Separate the stalks by releasing the pictured clip and sliding them apart.

At this point this is what it should look like.

Step 8. (Kinda Long)
At this point you should take a moment and soldering wire extensions on to relay plate. I highly recommend starting at the relay plate and working backwards instead of the other way around. Here are the locations that the relay pins should go to. This information was provided by waldo22 on tdiclub; however it was modified for B5 connections. Disclaimer: Not all the colors match up and that is just fine as long as the pins match. I also ran a wire from the previous Cruise connection instead of running the wires to the ECU. This means that anywhere you see "Wire to T10s/*" means that you cut the wire at the connection and solder a new wire running down to the relay panel.

T18c Pin Location - Color/Strip - Function/Destination
1 - Orange/Brown - CAN Low (Not applicable for Relay 452)
2 - N/A
3 - Orange/Brown - CAN High (Not applicable for Relay 452)
4 - Black/White - Cruise Off Function - Wire into T10s/4
5 - Lavender - REM wire for remote control of NON-CAN radio (Read: SINGLE DIN). Wire into T20/11 on the back of the radio (Green Connector Pin 11). DO NOT wire this for Double DIN.
6 - Green/Purple - Diagnostic K-Wire. Option is either to wire it into T16/7 on the instrument panel wiring harness or pick up from OBD2 port.
7 - N/A
8 - Red/Yellow - Cruise Set Output, Run wire to T10s/3
9 - Brown/Yellow - Dual Tone Horn Relay, Run wire to S1/6. This is the leftmost connector on the bottom relay panel. Cut the original wire at S1/6 and make sure to leave enough to solder in at either end. The wire that has been cut (running into the harness, not connector) runs to T5b/3. This USED to be the horn but with the MFSW it is now the switch power. I wired this end into T18c/12 and then 75x (switched power).
10 - Brown - Ground, connect to any ground connection
11 - N/A
12 - Black/Red - 12V Switched Power, Wire this and T18c/9 into 75x.
13 - Red/Green - 12V Power, connect to fuse 40 OR run an inline fuse.
14 - Red/Grey - Cruise Cancel, Wire to T10s/5
15 - Grey/Blue - Illumination Wire, tap into T3c/3 (Dimmer Switch Connector). NOT needed for Relay 451.
16 - Blue - Cruise Resume, Wire to T10s/2
17 - N/A
18 - Green/White - Data Bus Connection, add wire to T5b/1 (Far right on connector)

Step 9. Install in reverse order.

Once you are done it should look like this:

I have attached the necessary wiring diagrams if you are more of a visual person. Don't mind that it is a golf/jetta diagram because they share the wheel, clockspring, turn signal stalks and relay plates with the passats. In essence they share the same electrical systems just with different dimensions.

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Awesome I've been thinking of getting one of these wheels. :)
One question after fitting does your wheel control the radio & cruise control?

My car is a 52 plate 2002 1.9 TDI 130 Sport it has no multi-function wheel or cruise at the moment.:D

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I need to do the reverse. I had a multifunction and I installed an Audi S-Line B5 steering wheel with the cruise control stalk. I have to program the ECU to recognize the cruise control stalk and I am assuming I have to tell the car that the horn signal is on the airbag circuit/connector and not the MFSW circuit/connector. Would you happen to have the reference materials that cover those adaptations?

:thumbup: on the DIY. Well done.

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Thanks guys. I had the regular 4 spoke steering with the cruise on the stalk. Here's a reference photo.

doyles-1.8T, I ended up spending ~$160 at a pick and pull for the wheel, airbag, clock spring (which I didn't use), relay, relay plate, and column wiring harness. I already had the wire and heat shrink laying around. Not too shabby.

chrisradioman, Yes the radio and cruise control are now controlled by the wheel while the turn signal stalk houses the Cruise On/Off switch. If you are interested feel free to email me and I should be able to help you get Cruise control working if you are interested.

keithwbloom, There should be no programming necessary. What you will need to accomplish is actually pretty simple. If I were you I would run a new harness from relay 451 (or 452) to the steering column. To get the horn working you will need to cut the existing connection at S1/6 (runs to T18c/9 on Relay Plate) and then run a wire from S1/6 (thats the leftmost connector in the picture below) to T5b/3. That should get your horn working. Cruise is a little trickier because there are a few more wires and you will also need to add pins to the cruise connector (T10s pictured above). You will need to cut the connector at T18c/4 and run a wire to T10s/4. Same for T18c/8->T10s/3, T18c/14->T10s/5, and T18c/16->T10s/2. After that your cruise stalk should work. You can also take out the wire from T10s/1 as it is no longer used.

Just reiterating that the leftmost connector is S1. This is the BOTTOM relay panel where relay 53 is the dual tone horn relay. You will also see another relay 53 in the TOP panel. Do not mess with these wires as it is the starting relay. Yes VW uses the same part :rolleyes:.

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and it's off to the Info Base with this one... OP, you have to leave the pix in your photo sharing account forever.

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You do not need to change the turn signal stalk for this.

I believe 75x is a terminal on the bottom of the relay panel. There are multiple power leads to the different terminals. Here is a pic with the dash removed, but you only need to remove the lower panel under the steering wheel. I think 75x is the right most post:

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Yes i found it , thank you . Now i have retrofited Cruise Control on the stalk . But i want to wire the MFSW . Do i need to change the turn signal stalk to another stalk with On/Off switch only? Or can keep the one tha i have with Res , Set buttons . Thank you
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