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Replacing Foglight Bulbs (MY 2001.5-2003)

These were done on a 2001.5 VW Passat 1.8T. It may also apply to the later model years.

WARNING: Avoid touching the glass of the halogen bulb with bare hands. Use alcohol to clean off any contaminants.

Driver's side. The foglight bulb's size is H3 at 55W. Take note that the passenger's side is the exact mirror image of the driver's side. Simply follow the same procedures for the driver's side.

First step is to take the grill out. With your thumb and index finger on each clip, squeeze in to release and pull out.

Here's what it looks like with the grill out.

Unscrew the foglight's housing.

You can continue without disconnecting the wiring, or you can disconnect it by pressing down at the point shown by the arrow and pulling out the connector. Open the housing by twisting the top portion counter-clockwise.

Disconnect the positive terminal by pulling them apart.

Release the clips that hold the bulb in place. Push down then out on each.

The bulb is now ready to be pulled out.

Remove the old bulb and secure new one.

Go through each step in reverse order to put everything back to normal. The passenger's side is the exact mirror image of the driver's side. Follow the same steps for the passenger's side.

The information above is also available in my web site.

Disclaimer: I assume no responsibilty whatsoever for damages that an end user may inflict upon their vehicles or themselves using information contained herein. Proceed with caution and care when performing modifications to your vehicle. Be advised that making modifications to your vehicle may void your manufacturer's warranty.
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