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Disabling Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

There are 2 known methods of disabling daytime running lights (DRL). Before describing each method, here's a headlight wiring diagram for model year 2001.5-2003 VW Passats sold in the U.S. and Canada, based on the Bentley Manual. This diagram shows the Euroswitch instead of the stock switch.

First method: Pulling out DRL relay 173

The driver side door has to be open. Remove the fuse panel cover. Start by prying through the notch shown below.

The fuse panel.

Look inside past the fuse panel. You'll see the relay panel and relay 173.

A closer look at relay 173 installed. Pull relay 173 out to disable the daytime running lights.

Second method: modifying the light switch

This method involves taping over or bending one or two pins at the back of the lightswitch like shown below.

* For MY 1998-2001 Passats (B5) tape over pin TFL to disable the DRL when the light switch is in the OFF position.
* For MY 2001.5-2003 Passats (B5.5) tape over pin B to disable the DRL when the light switch is in the OFF position.
* With the Euroswitch you need to tape over pin 56D to disable the DRL when the switch is in the PARKING LIGHTS position. (See also Euroswitch functions)

The information above is also available in my web site.

Disclaimer: I assume no responsibilty whatsoever for damages that an end user may inflict upon their vehicles or themselves using information contained herein. Proceed with caution and care when performing modifications to your vehicle. Be advised that making modifications to your vehicle may void your manufacturer's warranty.
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