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DIY belly pan - shade tree special

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my daughters 2000 was missing the skid plate so i decided to make one. the need was pretty obvious after tearing a hole in an ac line that was exposed and putting a nice ding in my tranny pan. i started with a piece of sheet metal or aluminum that i pulled from a dumpster at work. it is new material that our hvac contractor has as excess. i tried to make it simple so it has 8 attachment points three front, three rear and two center. it's got zip ties and sheet metal screws but seems to be secure and rattle free. should be pretty tough and repel truck tires, road kill and most debris. is there any heat build up issues or need to vent air since it's sealed? it will require removal for oil changes and i am thinking about a oil plug cut out. i couldn't find a used skid plate for less than $85 - seemed too high for a hunk of plastic. the dimensions were 32" X 29" and i cut the front to slide under the bumper. i used self taping screws (3) to tie it to the sub frame, the rest is zip tied to frame. totally shade tree.
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