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My old high school buddy that I have known for over 25 years has been nagging me about a screeching noise while driving his car.

He is the type of guy that is so thrifty that will do all kinds of band aid fixes to his car. :crazy:

He even took a garden hose to his front brakes thinking something was lodged and rubbing against his rotors. But that came back after 5 minutes of driving.
I told him your brakes are finished but he said there is plenty of pad:crazy: another misconception.

Seeing that the weather was cold and sub-zero temperatures I ordered some cheap ass rotors for about 20 each and cheap ass pads another 20 for a whopping total of 60.00 bucks. Well yesterday the weather was a balmy 6 degrees celcius and sunny so I decided to do them as the following days the temperature will be sub-zero again.

Loosen lug nuts with a 19mm socket.
Jack vehicle till wheel is off ground.
Secure a jack stand underneath subrame.
remove the two caliper bolts 12mm.
remove the two carrier bolts 17mm.
next is to remove the two philips hold down for the rotors.

Original honda rotors are tight fitted to the hub and hammering will not get them off. If you notice there is two threaded holes where you screw in two bolts and the bolt will push against the hub lift the rotor off the hub.
For some people that do not know they can hammering or causing more damage.

aftermarket rotors just falls off.
check carrier pins and regrease.
both lower pins was jammed rusted and spent 1 hours trying to free them. The pins move but stick still so he needs new ones.

sanded the hub face to remove rust for a flat mating surface.
apply antiseize on hub face.
place newly cleaned rotor and install philips hold down screws.
apply brake quiet on backing of new pads.

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