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boosted20v said:
I was told from a reliable source that the Passat uses the same DV as in the TT. It's the MKIV 1.8t's that don't.
I was also told that my 02 1.8T DV was the same as whats on the S4. Did I believe them? Sorta....I drove my chipped car for about a week with the stock DV and I absolutely hated it. Boost is there but surges like crazy. I spoke to Wett and they asked if I had changed my DV. Week after, I ordered a Forge DV006 and 2 years later and 40,000kms past I still have a smile when I drive my Passat.

The Forge might be expensive but it will come in cheaper in the long run, plus cant beat the quality of the internals. I remember them explaining how you can poke the inside with a pen and I tried that on the stock DV. That thing was a piece of junk....
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