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The windshield fluid level warning light, and associated chime are driving me nuts!

VW puts a 6L resevoir in the Passat. :thumbup:
But when the warning kicks in, it only takes 3L of windshield fluid to fill the resevoir. :crazy:

I end up driving around with a partial jug of window juice sloshing around, or trying to ignore the warning for a couple of days,
so that a 4L jug will fit.
The dealership guy gave me "it's a large and complicated resevior........"
I am sure it is, for him.

Anyhow, can the warning be disabled with a VAG-COM (if it is, I am ready to call RossTech), or can the sensor be disabled
(short or cut the wires) or even relocated?

Please help, TIA.

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could you just take the sensor out or short circit it so it thinks its always full

i mean its easy enogh to tell if your out of fluid ( spray and if nothing comes out you need more)

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This can be done with a vagcom:

Go to the instrument module (17)

Then recode the module (write down original code)

Example: code 02242
02 Seat belt warning active
2 Market version, USA
4 4-cylinder
2 Gasoline engine

Code Table:

First 2 digits

01 = Brake pad wear indicator, active
02 = Seat belt warning, active
04 = Washer fluid warning, active
16 = Navigation system

(add all options together for value = 07 = brake, seatbelt, washer warnings on)

3rd digit:
Market version
2 = USA
3 = Canada

4th digit:
# of cylinders
4 = 4cylinder
5 = 5cylinder
6 = 6cylinder

5th digit:
Engine versions
2 = Gasoline engines
0 = Diesel engines

According to the bentley cd , this only works on 2000+ versions
(I can't guarantee this will work for everyone, sometimes vagcoms have problems recoding some modules)

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cbx said:
what is VAG-COM?
It's a cable/software package to access the various controllers ("computers") built into your car. You can use it to diagnose your vehicle, to monitor performance, and to make certain optional changes such as the warnings described above.

Basically it is the do-it-yourself version of the tool that VW uses to diagnose your car. (And it is a lot more user-friendly and feature-full than VW's. And a lot cheaper.)

Go here for more info:
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