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I'm guessing it was someone here or on the tex that sold their car recently in the Chicago area. It wound up here in Milwaukee on a used car lot. The mods gave it away as an enthusiast's B5:

Windsor blue
~80,000 miles
5 speed 1.8t
lowered (maybe 1.5in)
clear corners
clear side markers
Swings (I think)
Neuspeed exhaust
1.8t badge

Who's was it? I took it out for a spin, since I haven't had a chance to drive a lowered B5 yet...I LOVED it! It's the perfect drop for around these parts...not too low, maintained a comfortable ride, and handled much better than stock. i'd like to know what setup it has so I can replicate the ride on my car.

the only thing I was concerned about was some scraping on some bumps...maybe it was the exhaust?
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