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My car was initially garaged but spent the last 14 years outside, both in dry heat, and raging humidity, and wild temp swings. My interior, and exterior (major loss of clearcoat) has taken a beating, and I try to put a "bandaid" on everything. I know my window regulator clips are victims too. New carpet mats, use helicopter tape to mend cracks, sew up my stick shift cover. It sucks, because I really loved the car when I first drove it new off the lot, still like to drive it, and it still has a ton of power when it's in relatively good health. But sinking endless money into all the aesthetic pieces doesn't make much sense, unless you have the money and love the car to it's death. You have to get in a certain mind frame, where you value the soul, the guts, of the car over the outside and interior imperfections. It's kind of like relationships. lol.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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