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De-modded and never felt better...

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I know, I know...WHAT???

So today I threw back on my stock 15" wheels and tires after five enfuriating weeks of trying to get my 18" wheels dialed. :cry: After two regular balances, a road test balance, runs on the dyno machine and continued diagnostics, I gave up. No matter what I did- vibrations at 63-70mph. :mad:

Now today, as soon I as left my shop with the old wheels on, I took her out on the highway and she purred. No shakes, no rattles, no problems- just smooth sailing. Ahhh.... :)

So, I guess now I look to get my wheels fixed for next spring, and I think invest in some 235/40/18's instead of the 225's I was riding- not enough rubber between my wheels and the road?? Call me crazy, but as much as I love the look of my fancy shoes,......sometimes just enjoying a drive can be priceless. Hopefully all will be fixed for next spring. Until then-

...stock wheels and tires, riding on KW Variant 1's. :wink:

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Hmmm I just switched from 16's to 18's on 225 rubber and I couldn't be happier. No problem balancing and this wheel tire combo is smoother riding that my previous setup. Maybe you have one or more of the wheels bent. They may need to be repaired to get the vibration out. Good luck!
Yeah....... I ride on 17's 225 and I feel my rims too close to the asphalt and the ride is more rough :(
Sometimes i put my stock 15's back on, and the ride is as smooth as it gets :roll:
I have 18's w/ 225 40 18 Khumo's and the ride feels same as stock, i couldn't be happier.
Yes...when running the diagnostics, I walked around the car, and indeed it appears that one or more of the wheels are warped. I plan on getting them fixed- but not when there is only one month of summer left, y'know?

I'll probably send them to that place in New Jersey...(what is it called?) to get them fixed, next spring. Until then...rollin' on steelies!

I can't do any damage to my car riding with upgraded suspension, but stock wheels, right?

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