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Dash plate (conversion) from Single to Double Din - 99 B5

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Does anybody know where I can get a "dash plate" to convert from single to double din in a 99 passat 1.8T GLS sedan? Or to add an in-dash CD to original HU.

I'm thinking I may purchase a CD/Cassette/Radio that is Double, or would add indash CD be a better option. Opinions???

This currently has the radio in the middle, cubbie at the bottom, and temp controls at the top.

Any info would be great.

Thank you
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There is a writup in the information forum with part #'s. I think scuba is the author.
WOW, that sounds like a sh*tty job. Not really worth putting in a "Stock" DD from a standard Single Din HU.
I think it may just be best to get an after market CD player, even though I like to keep it factory looking.

I'm confused about if your original plan is to do the swap to just to get the DD look? I want the same thing, but my reason is get an aftermarket DD HU.
Actually I was gonna get a factory DD that was tape and CD.
Basically I like the factory look and want to keep it looking stock.
But I want to put a in-dash CD player in too.
From my understanding the only way to do that is to either go DD or get the additional in-dash CD that connects to the factory HU.

Now seeing though, if you really have to do all that is said in the info section, instead of just swaping out the "Dash Plate" as I thought, then I may just go aftermarket and get CD - probably panasonic.
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