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Finally got it back; I went and smoothed out the weld spot; it was pretty good but it looked more like a "mound" so I tried VERY CAREFULLY to flatten it out a bit; inside the pushrod hole, was a glob as well but I used a drill press to take out a majority of the material; fortuntely, I have guide plates that won't allow the pushrod to get that close.

I just finished up checking the install height (all but two were approx. 1.845") of the springs so everything is shimmed up on all 16 sets springs to well within .020" between the lowest and highest install heights. :)

TOMORROW, the cylinder head goes on; the intake manifold goes on; the carburator goes on; the air cleaner goes on; the distributor may actually go on; the coil and coil bracket will go on; may actually purchase the spark plugs and oil filter and install them too!

wow, I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about this!!!! More pics to come. Throughout the week. Stay tuned you Project junkies!!!
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