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CV boot clamp problem

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So, I've got the CV apart and have the new boot in place. Then I put the small boot clamp in place. I can't for the life of me get the thing latched to crimp it. I've tried using pliers but it doesn't go far enough to latch it. If I latch it first, then I can't get it into place, it's too tight of a fit.

What am I doing wrong here? Am I missing another tool to compress the clamp first, then crimp it?
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Head on down to your local autozone, where they will loan you the proper tool to clamp the cv boot clamp. I believe the actual name of the tool is "cv boot clamp tool," but they have a advert of all the tools available for loan, so just check it out to get the right one.

You get the deposit refunded when you return the tool. You cannot clamp it with normal pliers.
I have the clamp tool. I just can't get it latched to clamp it, it's too tight of a fit. The tool I have doesn't help to get the thing latched first.
Where did you get your re-boot kit? Do you still have the original VW axle? The OEM CV boot clamp should be an ear type seamless PEX clamp which can be opened up, moved over the lip, latched and seated onto the inner end of the boot. It will be a little tight but it should be doable unless your clamp is one size too small or your non-VW axle is a little thicker. Make sure your inner end of the boot sits on the smallest diameter (curved) area of the axle so that your inner clamp can have enough room to latch it.
Make sure your inner end of the boot sits on the smallest diameter (curved) area of the axle so that your inner clamp can have enough room to latch it.
I discovered that's what the problem was. After I placed the boot in the right spot, I subsequently broke the clamp by crushing it too hard. :banghead: Ran to the auto parts store for the 4th time on this project to get a new one. Hope I never see the inside of another CV joint again. The experience I gained doing this was all worth it though, and saved about $150 too.
Unfortunately the CV boots on Passat do not last long. You may see the inside of the CV joint again for the next 30K to 70K miles depending on what kind of replacement boots you have and how lucky you are. My original boots split at 31K/38K miles...

Glad you have your problem resolved though.
Yea, I did the driver's side about a month ago and replaced that one with a Raxle since it had already split. It was way easier just replacing the whole thing. The passenger side hadn't split yet and I wanted to save some cash buy replacing the boot.

Someone on another forum mentioned they rub the boots down with a silicone lube with the thinking it will prevent it from drying out and cracking early. Not sure if that's a good idea... I'm thinking it will do nothing but attract more dust and dirt on the boot.
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