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Custom turbo back mandrel bent B5 Passat exhaust for sale

I am parting out my B5 Passat and planning to start with the exhaust. It is a custom built, 3” using aluminized steel and mandrel bends. Full turbo back, no cat. Two O2 sensor bungs in place. There is a tab welded for both manual and automatic transmission mounts. A flexible joint is immediately after. In place of the suitcase muffler I have branch tube resonater. This significantly cut the peak frequency that was prominent at all rpm but really came alive at highway speeds. In the back is the largest oval Magnaflow straight thru muffler I could fit. It uses all the stock hangers therefore it fits perfectly. All joints are welded, standard 2 bolt flanges so gaskets are easy and cheap. The muffler is simply clamped on so it can easily be changed if wanted. The tip is simply the 3” pipe, square cut to the perfect length but again, it is clamped on so you can put your flare on. The placement of the last flange allows quite a lot of adjustment to allow for a larger tip.
While the final result is perfectly functional as it was the final draft and pattern for what was hoped to be a small business selling exhaust systems to my fellow Passat goers it is, fairly ugly. Many pie cuts, rewelds and the fact it was constructed in my driveway with a cheap wire feed left it a bit “warted.” It does sound good though! Not overly loud and a new muffler will time it down a lot.
I cannot ask much for it but it is what your Ko4 or eliminator needs. Or maybe you just want to get rid of the heavy, quiet stock setup. I am thinking $150. I am willing to pack and ship and I have great rates on FedEx but the shipping costs will be to the buyer. Shipping estimates are not available until it is removed and that may not be done until it is sold so plan on somewhere between $60-$120 for shipping.


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