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Cruise Control Leads To Dead Vehicle

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Hey People,

Last night I was on my way home on I-684 and I had the CC engaged. I used the buttons on the steering wheel to give a little more speed and all of a sudden the car lurched a bit and the next thing I know all of the lights in the instrument binnacle come on and I have no power. I managed to get the car to the side of the road without incident and it wouldn't start and then the battery symbol in the speedo gauge was lit up. I tried starting the car about ten minutes later and it ran for all of about three seconds before it died again.

About six months ago I had a problem with the CC as it would not engage and the dealer fixed it with no problem. Can anyone give me a heads-up on what this might be?

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Check fuse #14 to see if its ok

Maybe it's not your CC -- my alternator died on me in April, this sounds similar.

I had almost the exact same symptoms when my fuel pump went. I pushed the up button to speed up on my cruise control and everything just went dead on me. I could start it and it would run for a few seconds, then just die.

I'd check fuel pump and alternator, like AJChen posted above.

If it's fuel, the first time you restarted it cleared the rest of the fuel out of the lines, any subsequent starts are just whatever vapor is left in there. Check to see if you're getting fuel up to the motor when it cranks.

If it's the alternator you ran for 10 minutes off the battery, now your battery is completely dead.
Pop a voltmeter on the battery. Anything less than about 12.5V and it's a goner.
The very first rule of statistics: "Correlation does not imply causation." While certainly the cruise control is a reasonable place to start, I am going to assume you have it off by now. You need to start checking the easy stuff elsewhere before you go nuts dinking around with the cruise some more.

Thanx Everyone,

I spoke with the service rep and he told me that it looks like the fuel pump, as they have had a few with very simillar symptoms (Say that while drunk) so I'll let everyone know how this shakes out.

anyway,what is the vechicles year and mileage on this items failure
Mine went at about 39,000 miles. 2003 Passat Wagon.
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