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crappy oil change leads to problems

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A few weeks ago I had a shop change the oil in my 00 Passat ATW, and yesterday the oil filter backed off. I was driving and noticed my oil gauge dropped right to 0, then the STOP light came on and I immediately pulled over. Lucky enough I had extra oil, and knew how to spin the filter back on.

It looks like the pipe that goes through the cooler they tightened it into the filter with the big locking nut. Is this how its supposed to be? Whenever I did my oil changes the pipe always stayed where it screws into the cooler, now it unscrews and stays in the filter. It stripped a coupe threads out of the block/cooler, but I backed the pipe out of the filter some and screwed it back in.

No damage to the engine from what I can tell, just lost lots of oil. I havent driven the car yet, I want to make sure I put this pipe on correctly. This one time I didn't have time to do my oil change, so I brought it to a shop.
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Yes there is a locknut on the filter/cooler. No, it shouldn't unscrew with the filter.

I'd be back at the shop just as soon as possible to discuss this. Don't clean off the engine bay until they have a chance to see the results of the filter coming off.
You'll need to screw that threaded tube all the way into the aluminum casting. Take the nut off first, then use a pair of pliers with tape on the jaws to snug it. Don't overtighten and avoid damage to the threads. Next put the nut on, but in this case don't tighten very much to avoid stressing the heat exchanger. The filter will become the fastener that holds the assembly together and compresses the seals.
ok - so the nut goes on after the cooler, and it snugs the cooler to the block, so the cooler shouldn't fall off? So it should be

Block -> Cooler -> Nut on tube -> Oil Filter
Well I put it all on correctly. It fits nice and snug now. Also have better oil pressure according to my gauge. Before it was <20psi @idle, now its around 35psi @idle
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