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I wish I can post that in a technical forum, but it won't let me start a topic.

I have trouble trying to reach the metal crankshaft locking plug. I am currently at Step 11 in the Blauparts instruction. I believe the hexagonal nut is 10mm, because it fit the 10mm socket. When I put the socket in the extended arm and universal joint, I have trouble trying to keep the socket in the nut. It looks like I have to lift the car to do this, but I wouldn't want to risk my life under the car.

I hope someone knows about it and tells me in detail how to do this. Thanks.

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Yes, the car would have to be off the ground to reach the plug. A set of ramps or jack stands would be best. I remove the bolt holding the trans wiring to the driver's side motor mount, then slide the wiring out of the way. That usually leaves enough room to squeeze my arm through to reach the bolt.

I use stands for timing belt changes anyway. It's far easier to remove the belly pan and fender liner screws with the car raised. It's also much easier on your back if you don't have to hunch over the car all day.
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