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Cranks but won't start randomely EPC/Battery light

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Car won't start randomly. Usually on short drives after I park but it could happen at any given time. Happened a few times while driving or at a stop light to. This is insane as Ive forked out so much money already, (not for this specific issue) what is life? its a 2000 Passat 1.8t ATW. One time I was going about 90 and my car lost power, epc light and battery light came on as I started to pull to the side of the road it regained power and I got back up to speed. Im not having any electrical problems with windows or lights, only thing I notice is when I roll windows up to the top and keep trying to roll them up, as I pull up on the buttons, the car idle jumps a lil bit... but Im pretty sure its always done that. Well the light inside the trunk doesn't work and the "boot lid open" indication on dash don't ever show up but I haven't been able to link that to the car not starting, cranks all it wants, just won't turn over. Any ideas? Alternator checked and good, timing belt recently done, battery should be good, MAF replaced with BOSCH, Premium gas always used, driver door lock module replaced... Sometimes I get it to start by undoing the battery terminals for a while but not always a solution.
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Oh yea I did the breather hose to already, where I took off the intake manifold to get to it.... the plastic L looking one that goes to the block and replaced the small three way plastic T (in-between coolant reservoir and engine) with a 30 dollar gold metal one from an audi dealer that I could of probably just replaced with a cheap auto zone replica but hey... Im leaning towards the ESS as well, would that cause the RANDOM no start tho? or would it just cold turkey not work?
Well, stalled out earlier today in left side turning lane, made a few people aggravated but I unplugged number 30 relay in the ecu box since i already had the screws off.. unplugged battery terminal and plugged it back in and it started right back up.. not sure what to gather from that trial. Still having trouble. Waiting on my bud to scan it but last time we checked nothing showed up. I wanna get it in its no start state and scan it it just been hard to time it right since its random for the most park. Will check back soon, thanks for the help.
FrescoGreen, I did try that one and it didn't cut on after about 10sec of cranking... was hoping that worked to.
Would a tiny leak from the fuel injector O-rings cause this sort of problem? I don't hear air compression when I take off the gas cap like I used to. Passenger side front tire is a little wobbly to... Just thought id add to this. Went to Oreilys to and apparently they don't check codes for people.
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