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Hello everyone.

I can't use it because too many mods for my daily driver, but i found this craigslist ad and thought maybe someone might be looking to use their tax refund for an upgrade.

Godspeed Turbo Kit

I have a Godspeed turbo kit for a VW with a 12 valve vr6 motor. Will fit cars from 85-02 or 03 with vr6 engines or vr6 swaps.

Ill sell the kit for 600 without the turbo manifold and you could get your own manifold it put this on basically anything.
The kit comes with a t3/t4 63 trim turbo, life time warranty turbo manifold, wastegate, adjustable fpr, intercooler and universal intercooler piping, manual boost controler, oil lines and catch can. Still in boxes, the turbo and manifold where test fitted onto a 1986 Jetta with a vr6 swap to check for clearence and it did fit but was never run. You will need to make or buy a downpipe but everything else is there. Was about $1500 new.

I also have another godspeed t3/t4 50 trim thats internal wastegate and a manifold to fit 8v sohc VWs. Ill sell this turbo with manifold and all the parts from the other kit and you could turbo a rabbit to any of the mk3s with 2.0 motors.

This kit does not include the BOV, down pipe, or software/tune.

Make me an offer, will trade for 4 lug Mustang wheels possibly.
Happy Shopping. :)
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