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Hi Guys

I am hoping someone might be able to help me,
2002 B5.5 2.0 20v
For the past 4 months car exhaust has been noisier than normal, as if it is blowing somewhere.
Managed to get it up on stands this morning, and it appears to be leaking around the cat converter.
Started car up from cold while on stands, crawled underneath and pushed my hand up and around the cat.
Felt a blow of hot air straight the way, but can`t see anything as it is tucked away under the engine.
Last time the car was in for it`s 20.000 mile service i told them about the noise but they wanted me to book it back in to have the exhaust looked at(so they could charge me £90 labour, as the exhaust isnt covered under warranty) :crazy:

If i booked it back in and told them i suspect the cat was cracked would they be able to tell by hooking it up the computer(Vag)??

Any advice much appriciated

:bow: Tony

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I have no advice, but I just had my cats replaced under warranty. Started to rattle badly at 19000 miles. Don't know about in UK, but in US cats are warranteed for 80000 miles. If its not under warranty you may want to consider an aftermarket cat which may be cheaper than OEM.

Or maybe you could take it to a muffler shop (do they have midas in the UK?) that could look at it. Maybe theres a crack in one of the pipes that can be welded, and the cat has nothing to do with it.
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