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Control arms: Any help from VWoA?

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My 99 with 63k was diagnosed today with two failing control arms. A call to VWoA for assistance with the $1100 estimate was met with a very unhelpful response.

I am the original owner of this stock 99 and an 02 variant both faithfully dealer serviced. I had the service writer talk to the customer care rep. and she offered a great endorsement of my service history. I reminded the rep. that I am not the first with this problem.

Any thoughts on recent responses from VWoA on control arms or how I might proceed.? I do not feel like eating the whole tab.

I had better luck with the mirror heater elements and the instrument cluster when those items tanked. This time they stonewalled me but I am not yet giving up.

Thanks everyone,

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Log on to the web site and file a complaint about the control arms. These complaints are partly what the government uses to force a recall. Everyone with a control arm failure at relatively low mileage should do this. Sure, suspension parts need to be replaced on most cars, but mostly after 150K miles, not before.
They gave me "cost assistance" when the left side was repaired on my '98 (also original owner), but that was over 2 yrs ago at 40K mi.

Didn't bother to ask when the other side had to be fixed recently at 68K mi. I don't recall hearing of anyone who got help at more than 40K-50K.
This 'file a complaint' link is calling both of your names:

"Your complaint information will be entered into NHTSA's vehicle owner's complaint database and used with other complaints to determine if a safety-related defect trend exists."
Yeah, it certainly seems that Passats have major control arm issues. It's a topic almost daily here. With this many problems, I would think it is a flaw in VW's design. I would think that is pretty clear and that VW would want to make corrections to correct the problem. Instead, it seems that they dodge the issue and do not do much to help their loyal customers out. Pretty sad.

Why is it that you do not hear of control arms being an issue with any other car/manufacturer. Honda, Acura, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru and so on...Go to any of those enthusiast websites and do a search for control arms. You'll probably find nothing. Ever. I bet they get 150K-200K miles out of their's. With Passats, it seems we are lucky to get 70K miles without a problem. We'd go through two to three sets of control arms before any others would even think of needing work on theirs. Does that not strike everyone as very, very odd?

The extended warranty that I purchased when I got this Passat used supposedly covers my control arms. I'm at 82K miles and I've got some noises coming from up front, so I'll be getting those looked at very closely when I get my alignment done this weekend.
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