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Control Arm Fabrication Failure

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Sweet welding bro, looks like the control arms now have the same structural integrity as the rest of your Mustang.

(I think you should add some stripes to get compliments!)
Oh geez. As if bad drivers aren't dangerous enough, now we have to worry about bad drivers w/ homemade suspension...
that's one bitchin' 'Stang. ;)
I don't see why he went through all that trouble. He could have done the same thing in half the time if he had just used some 2x4's and lots of drywall screws. :crazy:
It's not that bad I mean he did, add a gusset (1.5x.25" bar) between the rear tube and runner, and rewelded the holy crap out of everything. what else is there to be said?
It's the Mustang from Octopussy...
Can take 10-20 hours?!? Up to $150 in materials?!? Shittt, just take fifteen minutes to order parts online, wait a couple days for parts arival, replace control arms in 2 hours or less. What a cheap mutha effer....
A 2X4 and a box of drywall screws. Less than 20 bucks.
X2 Paper Towel Rolls
X2 Toilet paper Rolls
X4 Popsicle Sticks
1 Roll Duct Tape

Assemble pieces, use Duct Tape liberally (for safety!). Total cost - less than $5! For extra fanciness, add $3 for a can of Testors' model paint and some stickers! wields in 8th grade shop class were better and smoother than that....what a hackjob
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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