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Hi all. I'm considering purchasing a really straight 2003 Passat Wagon (see pics). The car has 93000 miles on it. I have two hesitations that are keeping me from "pulling the trigger".
1) The car lot can't tell me conclusively whether the timing belt has ever been changed. Is there a way to tell for sure whether it has been done? There is a paper sticker on the front of the timing belt cover that is old enough that you can't read it any more - is that a clue?
2) The car stinks of partially-burned gas - as though it's running rich - although it runs well. Is there any easy way to diagnose the problem?

Any help or suggestions would surely be appreciated!
Scott in Seattle
I’ll say go ahead and pull the trigger man just know it’s the 1.8t although very reliable I’ll watch out for oil burning and tapping from the back side of the engine and obviously have a mechanic look it over throughly before purchase. And it’s the same color as my GLS 1.8t Sedan so I believe that’s somewhat of a rare color if I’m not mistaken.
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