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(was told to make my first post here)

I am able to purchase a Passat 1.8t with 96k miles on it for very cheap (less than $800) but there are some problems with the car.

First off, the car has been sitting for a couple of years. At first there was a rough idle and a random misfire but that seems to have been caused by bad gas. I threw some octane booster in there and it seems to idle much better now. I'm sure that if I put new gas in it entirely it will run just fine.

The car needs new tires, and a new battery. But the main problem is in the dreaded oil pressure warning.

The car gives a warning about oil pressure and flashes and beeps and tells you to stop the engine. I have read about this issue in other treads, but everyone in those threads had an engine knocking sound and needed new crank shaft bearings or something. This car does not have an engine knocking sound, so i'm not sure if its just a sensor issue or it actually has a serious problem.

I know the previous owner was not good about oil changes (and maintaining the car in general). So i'm wondering if I should buy the car, and what its gonna take to repair it.
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