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This all started with changing a flat; I removed the lug wrench from the back compartment (wagon) to change out a tire that had gone flat overnight. All was well on the way to the tire fixer place. Tire fixed free of charge (the ONLY way, IMO), I was back is biz. The following day I drove up to the mountain to ski and found that my rear wiper washer was not spraying the green fluid I so depend on to spot the bacon. I could hear the pump working, yet no whizzing on the window. Oh yea, I also heard a trickle of water or something whenever I activated the sprayer. Wasn't sure where the fluid line ran through the vehicle, but was sure I would see my headliner sagging soon if the ADHD continued to tap the sprayer arm every 10 minutes.

I am still in the stage where I look forward to fixing little problems like this that arise every so often, being quite happy to have before me a small- and usually inexpensive- project. It gives me another reason to have a "Car Day."

Anyway, as I was driving home I was preparing myself for the forum search- like any good noob should- thinking about what to type in the search box. Loaded the sticks, put the boots in the back, and.....hey that taillight is clouded on the side. Hmmmmmm. OK, its 20F out right now, but I'm all set to do a "Mini Car Day" right there in the parking lot.

Condensation in the tail and no wiper fluid stuff. Double hmmmmm.

Lug wrench. That's it! When I pulled the wrench out I must have popped a line loose so the fluid was douching my tail and CD changer. :thumbdown Easy fix. Reattached the line, tested it, worked just fine, started mopping up fluid from on top of the amp. Everything works just fine.

And now I know where my rear wiper fluid line is located for the next time I do this! :thumbup:

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