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Commin mods + dyno run videos / results

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Just ordered my light weight pulleys.
Audi B5 A4 Quattro V6 30v Engine Pulleys ES#3084 Lightweight Crank Pulley - Black - 001551ECS01A-01
Also gutting the pre-cats and bridging O2 sensors.
With all the existing mods (resonator delete, K&N custom CAI, Magnaflow performance series low back-pressure muffler,light tires (205, 50, 16), GIAC chip) I will also do a dyno tune, film the dyno run and post the results and dyno sheets here.
I hope for over 200 wheel HP. (around maybe 235-240 crank) :wrench:
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Back-to-back runs with stock air box/Kustum CAI or ban!
This guy! xD
If you wanna pay $150 for those extra runs, then you are very welcome to do so! ^^
And please don,t bring old topics back.

Lets just she how hard she pulls! :)
Oh Jesus Christ not again.

In case it was not clear from all the other threads: Create a dyno thread AFTER actually having done the dyno. That way there is no speculation, no arguments, just solid fact - "These are my mods, this is my dyno sheet." That simple, really.

Oh, and there's a DYNO SECTION:

Posted this in the B5 forum since it is a B5.
I think it's ok to post this in either one.
And I am posting this first just incase I forget something or maybe a member has a suggestion for a modification or additional tests or I don't know.
As for the O2 sensors - they will be bridged to a O2 sensor emulator, which will give the ECU false readings and prevent catalytic converter CEL's.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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