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-2001 Passat B5 GLX V6 , 56000 miles
- New fuel filter, new Plat 4 Plugs, new air filter, throttle body cleaning, replaced engine speed sensor...
- NO CEL's

The problem I am having is that the car will not start up correctly when cold. I will turn it over and it will either studder for 5-10 seconds while turned over and then pick up, or it will just keep studdering until I release and try again....

Once warm, the car will start normally and performs decently, but with a noticable lag in power that pulsates up and down rapidly all the way through the RPMS.... not noticable to a passenger, but the go/hesitate is noticable easily to the driver trying to pull out...

I'd think that if I had a coolant sensor problem, it'd CEL on me.... and the dealer already took a shot at it, and couldn't diagnose it....(No Codes at all). I'm thinking about driving over to Hillside Imports (30 min drive) to have them take a shot at it.... But, I can't afford to spend another 300-400 dollars getting it looked at and worked on...

Has anybody else had a similiar problem? Or do one of you B5 Guru's have any suggestions?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Simpson
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Cold start sensor. This tells the car is it cold and richens the mixture on cold start. You are probably having sporadic misfires (the go-stop feeling) that are due to flooding, etc. from the fueling issue.

Good luck. I have no idea how right I am, but it worked on my Rabbit. :)
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